5800 Master Plan

Jerusalem Metropolis Master Plan Map

Draft - Jerusalem Master Plan Concepts

Timeline for development


  1. Increase in private investment and construction of multiple hotel/residential
  2. Approval of traffic infrastructure from outer ring attractions to center of the metropolis.
  3. Infrastructure development of outer ring attractions
  4. Approval of above/underground traffic systems and services to the Old City.
  5. Design and approval of arterial ring roads for Jerusalem metropolis


  1. Construction of hotel projects along approved routes
  2. Infrastructure development for leisure and spa / resort hotels on the Dead Sea.
  3. Development of multiple outer ring attractions
  4. Underground traffic exchange infrastructure for peripheral centers around the historic basin.


  1. Construction of traffic system a) Eastern International Airport to the main city traffic system b) East-West of the Metropolis (roads and trains); from Tel Aviv to Amman.
  2. Construction of underground (Metro) system in Jerusalem.
  3. Connection of Jerusalem Metropolis to National/International train lines North-South; Jerusalem-Hevron-Beer Sheva and Jerusalem- Shchem Afula.
  4. Connection of Jerusalem Metropolis to National/International train line in the Jordan Valley, Beit Shean – Dead Sea – Eilat.