Jerusalem the city


The foundations of modern culture and faith are rooted in Israel and Jerusalem dating back more than 5,000 years. Israel’s innate capacity to unify spiritual and material engendered it as the center for the refinement of human behavior, as taught through Moses in the original language of the Biblical texts. Other cultures, religions, and nations that derived their inspiration from Israel include those influenced by the teachings of Jesus and Mohamed.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is the Biblical spiritual, cultural, and moral focal point for nations of the world. These nations, according to Isaiah’s vision, will ultimately ascend to it and draw on its spiritual inspiration and vision for world peace. These ideas are adopted in the Jerusalem 5800 plan.

The city of Jerusalem and its environs have been the primary location for spiritual and cultural development for thousands of years, placing it at the epicenter of modern spiritual and cultural reemergence, and of great importance to all religions, faiths and nations around the world.