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Israel and the region is rising to become a center for tourism therefore it must have a viable airport that can accommodate the passenger movements associated with 10 million annual visitors. The present international airport is located in Tel Aviv and is expected to exceed maximum capacity in the next five years. Plans are therefore underway to find a site where an additional airport can be built.

One of the first major projects of the ‘Jerusalem 5800′ plan is a proposed airport, located in the Horkania Valley between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, that will utilize two runways and will be of strategic importance to the continued development of Jerusalem, Israel and the region. A full proposal has been submitted to the transportation minister and is currently being reviewed by the government commission on the matter. The airport will enable service of up to 35 million passengers per year and will be connected via easy access roads and rail to Jerusalem, Ben Gurion Airport, and other city centers throughout Israel and the region.

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